UFES (Yezin) which is a prestigious university, is emphasizing the development of higher education by networking with the national and international universities and organizations to improve and enhance the education and researches.


In the past, lecturers, postgratuate students and technical staffs from two universities was exchanged with the University of Göttingen – Georg-August-Universität Göttingen to develop the human resources and to improve the education and researches with the help/ arrangement of Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD). Currently, UFES signed in the agreements with the following international organisation and universities, and is cooperating for education and researches-

  • Cooperate with the Emst-Moritz-Amdt-University Greifswald (EMAU), Germany for education.
  • Cooperate with the Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE), Finland for capacity building of lecturers in teaching.
  • Coperate with the Kyoto University, Japan for education, and also exchange students.
  • Cooperate with the Japanese Wildlife Research Center (JWRC), Japan in order to develop knowledge regarding the collection of samples of biological diversities for researches, and to get a support for the required research instruments.

Cooperate with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)- Myanmar Program to develop the educational roles.


We cooperating with our partners signing MoU and RoD to improve academic capacity, research and exchange program.