Students’ Union

University of Forestry and Environmental Science Students’ Union (UFESSU)

This organization is freely established by students who are studying in University of Forestry and Environmental Science, and it is named as University of Forestry and Environmental Science Students’ Union.


  • Union means University of Forestry and Environmental Science Students’ Union.
  • University means University of Forestry and Environmental Science (Yezin)
  • Executive Committee means executive committees of the students’ union of the University of Forestry and Environmental Science.
  • Student means students or participants who are studying at the University of Forestry and Environmental Science (Yezin).


  • To have students’ rights recognized.
  • To stand with the students
  • To improve teaching techniques by having a cooperation among students and teachers
  • To provide students with accommodation, food and health supports.
  • To support literature and art activities.

SU’s History

The University’s Students’ Union has been established by the activist students as there have depreciation of students’ rights at the university with the intention of building solidarity among the students, ensuring active participation of the students in different aspect of the university, and recognition of the students’ right since 2012. However, there had been little chance to establish the union officially as this year of 2012 observed avoidance of union, and politics by the people. Then the students have been away from the union from the late 2012 to the early 2015.

There were efforts to form the union during 2015 education protest period, and University of Forestry’s Students Union (temporary) was established by the activist students on September 27th, 2015. As the union members and activist students had been making continuous efforts to form union officially and have union’s constitution or charter, the charter was officially approved on June 23rd, 2017, and first general election was held by the election commission in accord with the charter on February 8th, 2018. 64.7 % of the students casted their votes in that election. The elected positions include chairman, vice-chairman, and general secretary and the executive committee made of treasurer, communication officer, outreach officer, literature officer, registrar, women affair officer, and students’ affairs officer were formed according to the charter.

71.19 % of the students voted and formed the executive committee in second general election held on August 30th, 2019, according to the charters. The 3rd student’s general election was temporarily postponed as the University closed it classes due to COVID-19 disease on March 24th, 2020, and declared on July 7th, 2020, that the current executive committee will carry on the union’s responsibilities until next election be held. Then the military coup staged on February 1st, 2021, with the false claim of voter fraud in 2020 general election makes 2nd executive committee’s tenure longer so far.

Recent Activities

As the union is a body that represents the whole students, students’ needs had been addressed by collaborating with outsider organizations including University Administration Board, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation. Annual and necessary supports for the students had been given in term of literature, art and sports, ensuring the students’ rights are protected fully. After the military coup, constitution for the university council of the University of Forestry and Environmental Science was drafted and the council was established after approving the drafted constitution with CDM teachers, alumni.

Current Activities

To ensure the sustainable learning of the student, the union members, as student representatives, help the University Council to run the short-term classes. The members also assist in re-running the classes by the university and cooperate with the council to improve the teaching techniques accordingly.

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