Our Bachelor of Science in Forestry is an Online Degree Program, which helps you become well qualified to manage and protect the forests with the purpose of helping environmental, social and rural development. Full time students can complete this 54 course degree program in five years.

Academic Degree Requirements

All University students are responsible for understanding and meeting the following degree requirements.

Credit Hours

UFES employs a system of assigning credit hours to all courses so that the student achievement can be monitored. Each semester lasts for 15 weeks, and the course’s credit hour for the students has to be a minimum of 45 hours, of which at least 15 hours must be spent in active academic engagement and the remaining 30 hours in the out-of-class activities including practicals, discussion forum and self-learning.

Completion of Bachelor Degree

  • Require a minimum of 140 approved credits.
  • Earn a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 2.00, i.e. C- grade.
  • Complete all the required quizzes, assignments, practicals and reports within the designated period.
  • Submit the assigned and complete termpaper during the second semester of final Year.

Distribution of Marks for Each Course



Class Participation/Attendance*






Midterm Report


Final Report


* Click on the Complete button after finishing every lecture video to earn the full score of Class Participation/Attendance.

** Chapter-end Quizzes are not allowed to take more than two times.

Academic Regulations for Each Course

Student will be failed (i.e., designated as a failing grade F for the course) under either of the following conditions:

  • The total score is below the D grade.
  • Class participation/attendance falls below 75% (Students can only miss maximum of 7 periods)
  • Perfunctory Assignment Submission
  • Plagiarism

In case the student fails in one or more subject(s) or the grade is (F), he/she can/must try to complete that course(s) during the consecutive semester of the academic year.