University Council

University of Forestry and Environmental Science Council (UFES-UC) is the main acting administrative body of University of Forestry and Environmental Science-Yezin (UFES-Yezin). After military coup on 21 February 2021 without any reasons, lecturers from the UFESalong with the governmental staffs involve in Civil Dis-obedience Movement (CDM).  Similarly, the military council forced to open the state schools, which have been closed due to COVID-19, in the situation of insecurities as well as lots of infection in order to deceive the international communities.  They made an instruction to finish the teaching of classes within 6 weeks.  The students also involve in CDM without attending any classes due to being undesirable to attend the classes which will reduce the quality of education, and unaccepting the coup. Then, Forestry and Environmental Council with the representative lecturers, representative students and representative old/ former students was founded on 27 April 2021. Currently, council is managing the teaching and administrative matters of UFES.